DAYCO 2018-19

What is DanceArts Youth Company – DAYCO?

In the Fall of 2014, DanceArts Greenville successfully launched its DanceArts Youth Company (DAYCO).  DAYCO developed out of the original DanceArts Enrichment Programs Ensemble and Staged.  In the Fall of 2017 DAYCO added a new opportunity for dance students with the introduction of a Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) track designed for dancers to complete in classical ballet and contemporary dance styles at the YAGP regional semi-finals.  Dancers are required to apply to DAYCO by May 1st and to YAGP by August 15th.

DAYCO offers pre-professional dance training in technique, choreography, and performance artistry in a caring and nurturing environment to dedicated dance students who have completed one-year en pointe.  Classes and rehearsals take place one to three Saturdays per month (depending on placement level) at the DanceArts Greenville Studios.

DAYCO Levels

Apprentice – Dancers who have completed at least one-year en pointe.  Dancers who will be completing their first year en pointe in June 2018 are eligible to apply.  Apprentice dancers will attend DAYCO two Saturdays a month beginning in January 2019.

Junior – Dancers who have been in DAYCO at least one year and have completed at least two years en pointe.  Junior dancers will attend DAYCO three Saturdays a month beginning in January 2019.

Senior – Dancers who have been in DAYCO at least two years and have completed at least three years en pointe.  Senior dancers will attend DAYCO three Saturdays a month beginning in January 2019.

Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) – Dancers who are in the Senior level have the option to apply for ballet competition training.  These dancers will attend DAYCO three Saturdays a month beginning in September 2018.  This level requires additional application and commitments during the summer.  Additional program information is located on the YAGP tab on the DAG website.

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DAYCO Apprentice

DAYCO Tuition and Payment Options

DAYCO Application Processes and Requirements for Acceptance

DAYCO Application Process

  • Applications will be available on DanceArts Greenville website when registration opens in mid-March.
  • Applications are due May 1st
  • Dancers will be notified of acceptance no later than May 15th.

DAYCO Requirements for Acceptance

  • Dancers must have completed at least one-year en pointe.
  • First time applicants must have a teacher endorsement. DAG Office Staff will contact teachers on applicant’s behalf.
  • All DAYCO dancers must complete one week of DAG Ballet Boot Camp*. If a dancer has completed a summer intensive (including the DAG Summer Intensive) Ballet Boot Camp is highly recommended but not required.

*The Ballet Boot Camp requirement is for Junior and Senior level DAYCO dancers, however it is highly encouraged for any dancer who dances en pointe including Apprentice level DAYCO.  Being a part of DAYCO sets a precedent at DAG for higher dance expectations.  This level of commitment requires a dancer to be mentally and physically prepared for the rigors of regular classes, performance practices, and extra performance opportunities.  Ballet Boot Camp is the starting point for dancers in this process each year.  We feel that it is important for the correct tone and expectations to be set from the beginning, and Ballet Boot Camp offers this opportunity.  ~Kris Galemmo, DAYCO Director