YAGP 2019-2020


Competition Track Information

DAYCO Competition track is open to any Senior level DAYCO dancer and to Junior & Apprentice DAYCO dancers by invitation.  DAYCO Competition track dancers will attend DAYCO three Saturdays a month beginning in September 2019.

For a dancer to be accepted to the Competition track, the following requirements must be met:

  • Enrollment in a Summer Intensive (Ballet Boot Camp & DAYCO summer camp can fulfill the requirements for the 19/20 season.)
  • Private lessons with a DAG instructor for each solo to be performed at YAGP and/or Grand Jete.  Lessons will be scheduled through the DAG Office, and payment of $60 per hour will be paid directly to the DAG instructor.
  • All dancers wishing to be a part of the Competition track must submit an application by August 2, 2019.
    • Applications will be available on-line by July 22nd. Pictures of all costumes will be uploaded as part of the application.
  • All dancers wishing to be a part of the Competition track must demonstrate their solo for DAG directors in the start of the season.
    • This demonstration is being used to ensure that dancers have a fully completed solo(s) and to gauge the comfort level of the dancer as a soloist.


PDF Embedder requires a url attribute DAYCO Tuition and Payment Options

Additional YAGP expenses:

  • Minimum of three one-hour private lessons per classical solo = $180 minimum per solo
  • Minimum of three one-hour private lessons per contemporary solo = $180 or New choreography set on student $300
  • YAGP registration = $50
  • YAGP entrance fee per solo = $125 minimum
  • Ballet costume rental = $100
  • Contemporary costume purchase = $75
  • Hotel – $150 per night = $300 minimum

Total = $755 minimum in addition to YAGP DAYCO tuition


Competition Track Application Process

  • Applicants must complete regular DAYCO application and be accepted prior to submitting YAGP application.
  • Applications will be available on DanceArts Greenville website.
  • Applications are due August 15th – NO exceptions!
  • Dancers will be notified of acceptance no later than September 1st.