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DanceArts Greenville 2019 Recital Name Check

Dear Recital Cast,

Please check the spelling of your name for the program and the back of our Recital t-shirt.

Click on the Sign Up Box and then:

If your child’s name is spelled correctly please write CORRECT in the Help Comment section.

If your child’s name is spelled incorrectly or you would like it listed differently please indicate how you would like it to be listed in the Help Comment section

If you cannot find your child’s name, please enter it at the end in one of the “cannot find my child’s name” spaces under the Help Comment section

NOTICE: Different from last year: DAG staff will select T-shirt sizes for the cast. No need to write the desired T-shirt size for your child. Additional T-shirts can be purchased. Please go to our Recital website for the order form. 

Recital check names, click here