Recital T-Shirt Orders

DanceArts Greenville 2018 Recital T-shirt Name and Size Check

Please select the T-shirt size you would like for your child’s recital T-shirt.

The shirt is included in your tuition.

If your child’s name is spelled correctly please only indicate a shirt size in the Help Comment section.

If your child’s name is spelled incorrectly or you would like it listed differently please indicate how you would like it to be listed in the Help Comment section in addition to selecting the desired shirt size.

If you cannot find your child’s name, please enter it at the end in one of the “cannot find my child’s name” spaces.

Click the Sign up box then:

Example for correctly spelled name               Girls M  (size only)

Example for incorrectly spelled name           Mary Belvin  Ladies XL (corrected name and size)

(Sample T-shirts are available in the DAG office. Size options are)

Girls XS

Girls S

Girls M

Girls L

Girls XL

Ladies S

Ladies M

Ladies L

Ladies  XL

Ladies 2 XL


To order t-shirts and check names, click here