Our Story


DanceArts Greenville is committed to providing each student a solid foundation in dance while helping all students discover their own personal potential. We provide training that will nurture both the potential artist and the dance student who studies only for the inherent rewards of self-discipline, physical fitness, and a greater appreciation of movement and music while building self-esteem and improving confidence.


Art is Within – This is our core philosophy at DanceArts Greenville. Whether or not the student chooses to pursue a career in dance, DanceArts Greenville will nurture the artist within each child through dance. Our overall approach is holistic: encouraging wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Through the study of dance, our students can build a strong foundation in technique, work ethic, grace and poise. We use the best attributes of other dance forms to enrich our students’ training and enhance their strength and flexibility both physically and mentally.

A group of young dancers in red tutus on stage.