DAG Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get information about DanceArts Greenville’s Calendar, Tuition and COVID-19 safety procedures?
A: Our website: ScheduleCalendarTuition 

Q: Does my child need to audition for the class?

A: For Ballet level 3 and up, we do ask each student to take a ballet class. Youth Ballet, Hip hop and Twinkle, Ballet 1/2 do not need to audition.

Q: How do I get the NEW uniforms for the Ballet 1-6A?
A: All Ballet 1 through Ballet 6A (our main academy) has a uniform outfit. See attire here. The sample sizes are in our DanceArts Dancewear Store we fit the student and order items. It can take up to 2 weeks to receive NEWLY ordred items.


Q: When will we receive the uniforms?
A: We will hand out uniforms the first couple weeks of classes. Students can wear a leotard that fits.

Q: My child is in Twinkle and/or Youth Dance: Ballet, Hip-hop, do we have uniform.
A: There is no specific attire for Twinkle. Our Dance store does have a matching tutu dress that is optional but not mandatory.

A: Youth Ballet, are asked to wear solid color leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers (ballet skirts are allowed). Hip-hop should wear All-star Black high-tops (can be any brand). Leggings or sweat pants can be used.

Q: What does the Tap or Jazz students wear?
A: Tap 1-3 wear the black Patent leather tap shoes. (Can be purchased at our Boutique store) Tap 4-up should wear black-laced Tap shoes.

Q: Can parents enter DAG studios?
A: Yes. We do ask families to wait in our lobby for levels Ballet 2 and up.

Q: What is Drop-off and Pick-up process?
A: Drop-off will be like school, use the drop-off lane. Please do not park and wait in the drop-off lane. Do not drop-off before 15 minutes before class starts.


Q: I have question, what is the best way to receive the answer?
A: Call our office at 864-297-1635 or email [email protected].