Our Location

The listed address below for the  most accurate directions to our new location:

255 Service Bay Road

Mauldin, SC 29662


  1. 84 parking spaces in primary lot with additional spaces in overflow parking.
  2. Ample bathrooms
  3. Designated Drop Off/Pick Up car lane.
  4. FOUR studios. We have 6,325 sq. ft. of dancing space.
  5. All studios have sprung state of the art flooring.
  6. ALL studios have Viewing windows!
  7. Hallways go up to 10 ft. wide.
  8. THREE dressing rooms! Boys, girls and teens each have their own space!
  9. In house black box theatre for class demonstrations. It will have a performance area 35 X 50 ft. (This is the size of the Gunter Theatre).
  10. Upper divisions have 550 sq. ft. waiting area.
  11. We have a DAG office, teacher’s lounge and director’s offices.
  12. Additional studio space will allow for improved programming and more summer dance camps opportunities.


  1. The new studio is 4.4 miles from Christ Church School, 3.9 miles from St. Joseph’s Catholic School, 12 miles from St. Mary’s Catholic School, 4.5 miles from Five Forks, 6 miles from Oakview Elementary, 8 Miles from Augusta Circle Elementary.
  2. Convenient to a Publix, Chic-fil-A, Starbucks, Chipotle, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt & more.
  3. Partnership with Greenville Gymnastics and After School Plus.
  4. Dance Boutique

Simple Drop Off