Teen/Adult Drop-in Dance

Did you know DAG offers drop-in dance classes for Teens/Adults?

We understand adults have busy lives so you simply drop in when it works into your schedule. No hassle or stress, just show up for class. Our instructors will help you de-stress, improve your core, arms, and legs as well as educate you on ballet and tap.

Teen/Adult Program Schedule


Monday 7:30-9pm with Josiah Savage CANCELLED
Wednesday 7:30-9pm with  Martin Justo


Tuesday 6:30-7:15 Robyn Maggio

Tap 1

Tuesday 7:15-8pm with Robyn Maggio

Tap 2* New For Int./Adv. Levels

Monday 8:15-9pm with Robyn Maggio

Adult Program Pricing / Payment Options

Pay for classes on a drop in basis pricing is as follows

  • 45 minute class (Jazz and Tap)     $10.00
  • 1.5 hour class (Ballet ) $20.00

Stop by the office each class day and pay for your class and you will be given a pass to class

Purchase a dance card the value is $150.00 (non-refundable)

  • Benefit for dance card holder is that all ballet classes will be charged at the $15.00 rate.
  • All Jazz and Tap classes will be charged $10.00 per class.

Stop by the office each class day and have your card punched for your class or pay by class.

DanceArts Adult classes are designed to be for a broad range of students. Our instructors know that adult dance students come in all ability levels. If you are just starting out you are welcome to any of the classes offered. The instructors are masters at teaching to varied skill levels.

If you are new to DAG Adult please complete a registration form and send it our way.

Attire is what makes you feel comfortable. Basic ballet tights and leotard with ballet shoes will allow best feedback on body alignment/placement. However if you feel more comfortable in yoga/sweat pants and a t-shirt that is just fine with us!