School Divisions

Main Dance Program

With a focus on classical ballet, our dance program is a 34 week commitment available during the school year from ages 3 and up. Higher levels of this program can have up to 4 classes per week. We will place dancers by age up to the Ballet 1, 2 & 3 (age 7). We will assess students who are new to our school for appropriate level by appointment.

Kinderdanze Program

Designed for children ages 3-5, this is a class that ignites the joys of dance. It teaches independence and gives praise for participation. Learn more

Tweens and Teens Program

Do you love to dance but have a full schedule and cannot fit in several days of dance class each week? Our new Tweens and Teens program offers classes for ages 8 and up in a variety of dance styles. Classes are only once a week throughout the 36 week commitment. Dance styles include Ballet, Lyrical (fusion of ballet, jazz & contemporary), Contemporary, Modern (teen & up) and Hip Hop. Learn more. 

Adult Ballet Classes

We understand adults have busy lives so you simply drop in when it works into your schedule. No hassle or stress, just show up for class. Instructor Josha Williams will help you de-stress, improve your core, arms, and legs as well as educate you on ballet technique. Check out the other classes we offer here.