PreBallet (3 to 5 years old)

Pre-Ballet is our division specially designed for pre-schoolers through kindergartners to introduce them to love of dance through basic ballet arm position and footwork utilizing creative movement and teaching basic locomotive movements while also teaching classical ballet terminology. Exploration of musicality and special themed classes make the class fun and encourages creativity.

PreBallet B

3 & 4 years (Must be three September 3rd)
This is a class that ignites the joys of dance. It teaches independence, listening skills, right and left discrimination, and gives praise for participation.  Basic locomotor movements including basic ballet arm positions and footwork are taught through a series of creative dance concepts while incorporating classical ballet terminology.

*Dancers must be potty trained to attend this class.

1 class per week – 45 minutes

PreBallet A

5 years old (Kindergarten)
Building up concepts learned in Pre-Ballet A, this class reinforces and refines the skills taught in the prior class. Basic ballet technique, rhythm, balance, posture and good manners are taught.  It is not a pre-requisite to complete Pre-Ballet 1 to enroll in Pre-Ballet 2.

1 class per week – 45 minutes

PreBallet A (Kindergarten)

5 years old by September 3rd

Building upon concepts learned in Pre-Ballet 2, this class continues to refine skills taught in prior classes and to prepare dancers to enter the Classical Ballet Division.  Basic ballet technique, rhythm, balance, and posture are taught through warm-up and center dance exercises with enhanced emphasis on classical ballet terminology.  Pre-Ballet 3 is for dancers who are 5 years old by September 1st and enrolled in Kindergarten OR dancers who are 6 years old and enrolled in Primer school levels.  It is not a pre-requisite to complete Pre-Ballet B to enroll in Pre-Ballet A

1 class per week – 45 minutes