Director’s Letter



Dear DanceArts Families,

The entire DAG team has been getting ready for another stellar dance year! We appreciate choosing our school to foster the love of dance that led you to us. It may have been a friend that recommended our school or your family has generations that love DAG so much, you continue to join us year after year. It is this commitment to our school that Hernan and I want to share some exciting news with you.

This summer I served as a guest instructor for the Charlotte Ballet Summer Intensive. You may know Charlotte Ballet is where Hernan and I met and danced for seven years before moving to Greenville. While there, an exciting opportunity was presented to me. I was asked to join them for the 2017/2018 season and share our DAG experience in developing their youngest division of dancers at the Academy.

This decision was not made lightly. Hernan, Sofia, Nico and I discussed the possibilities and challenges such a change might present. After careful consideration, we determined such an opportunity would be a great benefit to us and our DAG students.

Not only will I share my knowledge with CBA, as their Academy Associate Director  I will collaborate with other professionals throughout the Academy and bring back exciting ideas and techniques to enhance our already fabulous programs.

Because your dancers are in the two highest divisions of DAG, and often fill the most demanding roles within CBT productions, I wanted to let you know what the year will look like. They will see me at DAG every Monday and Tuesday.

Kris Galemmo, and Adair Kempf will continue to work with Hernan on CBT rehearsals. Your dancers will be in the competent and capable hands of these professionals who have worked along side me, Hernan and your dancers for years. Erica Wesselmen (many of your dancers took class with Erica at the old studio) will join them in this role.

DAG’s growth has also allowed us to implement a leadership structure to streamline programs and communication, please note them below:

Mary Belvin, Operations Director

Adair Kempf, Associate Artistic Director

Kris Galemmo, Director of DanceArts Youth Company

Josha Williams, Early Childhood & Adult Division Specialist

We will be sharing this news with the rest of our DAG families and the website will provide more details on the roles of these new titles. However, I wanted to reach out to you all so you can discuss with your dancer.

The team and I are so excited about these changes that truly take our studio to the next level. I am so proud of the caliber of dancers who are products of our school. These top notch dancers are made possible by the countless hours that our amazing instructors spend in the studio with your children.

Thank you for your continued support of DAG and your dancer! We are going to have an amazing year!