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One of the most physically intensive majors out of any of college degree program is dance performance – likely, it is easy to understand why. Dance majors are often up as early as 5am on a daily basis, attending rehearsals, ballet class, auditions, and choreographing for the big stage for a number of campus auditions. I have myself dated a dancer before, and I can tell you that she was regularly out of the house by 6am and didn’t even get back until 9pm, with her whole day dedicated to dancing. Yikes!

There are a number of excellent colleges available to dance performance majors in the US, however, a few of them stand out among others. One strong preference for a number of aspiring professional dancers is location: if you choose to attend a dance program in NYC, you not only receive the opportunity to network with a number of the most important troupes, choreographers, and professors, but also the chance to participate in a number of activities outside of your school. Other strong considerations include whether your program of choice has a strong ballet element, a strong contemporary dance element, a strong jazz element, a strong tap element, or even all four.

Having looked at a number of critical factors, including location, strength of the department faculty (most important), what recent alumni have accomplished, and opportunities available to students in and out of the institution, we present to you our top ten schools for dance performance in the US.

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